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Dear Teachers and Students,

First of all I would like to wish you a very happy New Academic Year, 2021- 22. This year is not an ordinary year for St. Mary’s School, but a jubilee year. Today is the very first day of the 50th academic year, the golden jubilee year of St. Mary’s School. You are fortunate to be part of this Golden Jubilee Year.

Today you are entering into a new class room, after one year of online classes during this pandemic year. Please begin the year with happiness and determination. Today you are taking one more step towards your goal.

Today in a special way, we shall seek the blessings from Mother Mary so that she may help us to get wisdom and understanding to judge between right and wrong. My dear students, good values and fear of God are the hallmark of success in life. The very motto of our school is Wisdom, Devotion and Service. Please keep these three key words close to your hearts always.

Dear Students, please follow the advice of your teachers. They will guide you and walk with you. Please consider them as your Guru and follow their footsteps every day.

Dear Teachers, You are not only just teachers for our students, but be good role models for them. Let them learn from your lives.

Wish you all the best. My prayers are with you. May God bless you all.

Father Dr. Mathew John


05 April 2021

Dear Parents & Well Wishers,

May I have the joy to thank the parents who have entrusted their loving children to us to form them and build them as responsible , affectionate and creative persons with basic qualities of truthfulness love and compassion, peace and common brotherhood.

I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to all the members of St. Mary’s family. I intend to inculcate best practices in teaching with a holistic structure of scholastic and non- scholastic skills to build a cheerful environment and upbringing where both students and faculty are encouraged to explore and experiment in learning.

I believe that to save our country, our future we need to build the character of our children with love, service , sincerity etc. Therefore I humbly request my teachers and the parents the great role we have to play in the field of education together.

I pray and implore we may be able to fulfil this great task by the grace of God almighty and the collaboration and support of each one of us.

Sr. Rincy FCC