Rules and Regulations

1. Admissions & withdrawals

 a. Child who is three years of age is eligible to be admitted to nursery. Admission to nursery class will be made after the verification of the filled in registration form and the counseling of the parents.

Every pupil seeking admission to class I having passed from Holy Angels Kindergarten has to seek fresh admission in St. Mary's  school with the transfer certificate.

All the fresh admissions will be made after the entrance test. The Application form must be accompanied by the latest progress report together the latest progress report together with the transfer certificate from the school last attended. Pupils are not admitted to the higher classes until they have been tested, and the right to admit them to those classes for which they have been found fit, is entirely reserved with the school authorities.

Parents / Guardians should take utmost care to fill in the correct date of birth and name of the child as these will not be changed in future.

b. The pupils will have to take fresh admission to Class XI. Choice of subjects / group (Science, Mathematics, or Commerce) shall be offered to the pupils on the basis of their performance in the Pre-board and ICSE Examinations. The criteria or cut off percentage shall vary from year to year depending up on the overall results of the pupils in the relevant subjects in the ICSE Examinations.

c. In view of providing more working days for the pupils of Class XI their classes will commence from the month of April, prior to the declaration of ICSE results.

d. Permission to attend Class XI from April is given only to those pupils who have qualifying marks, fixed by the Management, in the relevant subjects both in the half yearly and in the pre-board examinations held in Class X.

e. The admission in Class XI is finalized only after the declaration of the class X (ICSE) results by the council.

f. The permission to attend Class XI from April does not amount to a regular admission in Class XI.

 g. The admission fee, caution money, yearly fees and first installments of the monthly fee shall be paid in advance to complete the formalities of admission.

h. The admissions shall be granted strictly based on the merit of the candidates. Any unfair means like attempt to bribe, recommendation etc. will debar the candidate from getting admission.

i. After the admission, if the candidate fails to attend class, no refund of any kind shall be made except for the caution money.

j. An application for a transfer certificate has to reach the Principal's office at least three days in advance.

k. The application for a T.C. must be made on the prescribed form along with a fee of Rs. 100/- and must be signed by the parent/guardian.

l. Transfer certificate will not be issued until all the dues to the school are paid.

m. The students who pass out from class XII will be issued their T.C. together with their Pass Certificate.

n. If a student is migrating for further studies to a state other than U.P. his/her T.C. is to be counter - signed by the Council. The parents will have to pay the expenses involved in this transaction.

o. The school reserves the right to ask the parents/guardians to withdraw their child, if his/her progress in studies is found unsatisfactory, his/her attendance is irregular, his/her conduct is harmful to others, or for reasons which in the opinion of the school authorities render his/her continuance in the school undesirable.

2. School Uniform

It is essential that the students come to the school wearing proper school uniform. A student who is not in a proper uniform, is liable to be sent back home.

A. Summer Uniform

Boys: (Nursery - XII)

Navy blue pants/ short pants, White shirt with half sleeves, White socks & round shaped black leather shoes with laces, Navy blue tie and belt with school's name.

Girls: (Nursery-VIII)

Navy blue tunic (properly stitched with two inch pleats) White shirt with half sleeves. White socks up to the knee & black leather shoes. Blue ribbons & hair band Navy blue tie & beltwith school's name.

Girls: (IX - XII)

Navy blue salvar. White half sleeves up to elbow kamiz with high neck & 'V' neck navy blue Jacket. White socks & black leather shoes. Blue ribbons & hair band.

B. Winter Uniform

Boys: (Nursery-XII)

Grey pants, White shirt with full sleeves. Navy blue blazer. Navy blue sweater (plain knitted and 'V' necked). White socks and black leather shoes. Navy blue tie and belt with school's name.Navy blue cap.

Girls: (Nursery-VIII)

Grey tunic (properly stitched with two inch pleats). White shirt with full sleeves.Navy blue blazer. Navy blue sweater (plain knitted and 'V' necked). White socks up to the knee and black shoes with laces. Navy blue tie and belt with school's name.Navy blue scarf.

Girls: (IX - XII)

Grey salvar. White kamiz with high neck & full sleeves.Navy blue coat. White socks & black leather shoes. Navy blue sweater (plain knitted and 'V' necked) Blue ribbons and hairband.

C. P.T. Uniform

Boys: (Nursery-XII)

White shirts & white short pants/pants, white socks, white canvas shoes & House badge

Girls: (Nursery-VIII)

White shirts, white tunic, white ribbons, white hair bands white socks, white canvas shoes & House badge.

Girls: (IX - XII)

White salvar, white kamiz with high neck and full sleeves, white ribbon, white hair bands, white canvas shoes & House badge.

3. Books Syllabus

The students must obtain all the books as per the syllabus in the first week of the new session and bring books to the school as per the periods. Books must be covered neatly with brown paper and write the name, class, section, etc. on the outer cover and the inner page.

4. School Fee

a All the installments are to be paid in Axis Bank. Bijnor.

b.Fee shall be paid in 4 installments from 2nd to 15th of April, July, October and January.

c. If any student fails to pay the fee on the due date, it shall be paid on 7 & 8 of the next month with a fine of Rs. 50.00 each for the successive months.

d.A receipt signed by the bank accountant shall be given for every payment made.

e. Students whose school fees fall into the arrears are liable to be debarred from appearing at the terminal examinations and attending the school till the fees are paid. Neither the Report/Progress Card nor the T.C. will be issued till all such dues are paid in full.

f. No deductions are made in the fees for vacations or broken periods.

g.Tuition Fee concession is extended to a few deserving students on the request of the parents/guardians of such students. Applicants for tuition fee concession will have to submit an income certificate from a competent authority together with the application.

h.Besides the regular tuition fees and special fee, caution money of Rs. 1000/- will be charged from each student who is granted admission to class XI. This will be returned at the time of the student leaving the school, after deducting the damages.

Fee Structure

1. Admission Fee

2. Tuition Fee

3. Staff Welfare Fund

4. Computer

5. Special Fee (special fee covers the following) -

  1. Annual day

  2. Audio Visual

  3. Celebrations & Functions

  4. Electricity & Water

  5.  Furniture

  6. Garden

  7.  Generator

  8. Laboratory

  9. Library

  10. Repair & Maintenance

  11. Student's welfare exp.

  12. Staff welfare exp.

  13.  Teaching Aid.

  14. Examination Exp.

  15.Language Lab

(Fees once paid will not be refunded.)

5. Attendance/ Leave Rules

  a. As regular attendance is an integral element of education and discipline, no leave or absence will be granted except for serious reasons.

  b. Attendance is compulsory on the opening and the closing day & after each vacation of the academic year.

  c. Absence for more than three consecutive days immediately after the vacation renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.

  d. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of the first period. Late comers will not be granted attendance.

  e. Strict regularity and punctuality is mandatory.

  f. Leave/Absence record must be duly filled by the class teacher and be signed by the parent/guardian.

  g. It is compulsory for every student to have 80% of total attendance.

  h. Absentees in an examination will be considered failed unless it is established satisfactorily that their absence was due to illness.

  i. Applications for leave shall be submitted to the Principal.

  j. Applications for leave of absence from the school shall be submitted beforehand. If this is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, leave should be applied on the following day.

  k. Applications for sick leave involving more than four days should be supported by a medical certificate by a registered doctor.

  l. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days, a student's name will be struck off the roll. Readmission, if granted will be done on payment of admission fee and on the availability of vacancy.

  n. A student returning to the school after suffering from an infectious disease should produce a doctor's certificate permitting her/him to rejoin the class.

  o. Physical training and games are compulsory. If a child is physically unfit for P.T. and games, a doctor's certificate should be submitted and must obtain permission from the Principal.

6. Examinations and Promotions

          The whole academic year is divided into two semesters and examinations are conducted at the end of every semester. The required pass marks in every subject is 40. Failure to get pass percentage in any subject will result in losing grade. The grade is allotted as the following:

     Grade              K.G.                 I-V              VI-XII

     A+                90-100%          90-100%        90-100%

     A                   80-90%            80-90%          80-90%

     B+                 70-80%            70-80%          70-80%

     B                    60-70%            60-70%          60-70%

     C                    40-60%            40-60%          40-60%

     D -               Below 40% - Fail

          Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole year's work of a student. The final result will be made as per the norms given bellow.

Half yearly Examination                               : 40 %

AnnualExamination                        :         50 %

Unit Tests                                          :         10%

Each Unit Test is of 25 Marks :

          Written                           :   20 Marks

          Internal assessment     :  5 Marks

          The additional 5 marks will be given in all subjects by the subject teachers considering the following points.

1.       Class work                2.       Neatness of copies

3.       Hand writing             4.       Discipline                   

5.       Attendance

          Internal Assessment of Moral Science will be taken by the class teachers.

          Special arrangements for examinations will not be made for students who absent themselves from any examination scheduled by the school. The results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered. If any parent wants to get his ward's paper rechecked an application along with the fee fixed by the Principal is to be submitted.

7.   House System

          The students are divided into four houses and each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains. A member of the staff acts as the House in- charge. He/she is assisted by other teachers. The school organizes inter class, inter house & inter school competitions in sports & games and literary & cultural events. The best house is awarded trophy for itsover all performances.

8.   Co-curricular/S.U.P.W. Activities

       Pupils are expected to take an active part in the co-curricular activities as they are essential towards integral development of a student. With a view of fostering close relation between education and the life realities of people, Village oriented exposure programmes are under taken by the school during the academic year.

9.    Accidents

       All possible precautions are taken to protect the children from accidents while playing. However, in the event of any mishap, the school does not accept legal responsibility. Immediate first aid will be administered, and the parent/guardian concerned shall be informed at the earliest. If the parent/guardian makes undue delay to reach the school the pupil involved will be sent to the local govt. hospital.

10. Alumni Association

1.  The school is interested in remaining in touch with its former pupils. With this in mind the the Alumni Association is formed.

2.  The association aims at bringing about a meaningful interaction of all past pupils passing out and leaving the school after class X (ICSE) and XII (ISC) examinations.

3.  All the past pupils are expected to be members of this association.

4.  A certain percentage of each student's caution money will go to the Alumni Association Fund.

5.  One can become a life time member of the association by paying Rs.1000/-

6.  One can remain as a member by paying an amount of Rs.50/- year as membership fee.

7.  This amount shall be made use for the activities of the association as well as for charitable purposes.

11. Private Tuition

1.  Private tuition is not encouraged. Those who engage in private tuition are liable to disciplinary action by the management.

2.  Parents are requested not to engage the staff of the school to extend private tuition to their wards outside the school.

3.  The parent/guardian may engage a private tutor only after consulting the principal. The principal or the managementof the school is notresponsibleforanymisunderstanding thatmay arise betweentheparent/guardian and themember of thestaff takingthetuition.

12. Responsibilities of School Leaders and Cabinet

 a. He/She should show exemplary behaviour providing shining examples of leadership, trust, courtesy, love and goodness.

 b.He/She should ensure that the leaders carry out their duties in a responsible and impartial manner.

 c. He/She should command the whole school in discipline in the morning assembly and in all the special gatherings.

 d.He/She should be constantly alert and sensitive to the needs of the school, and act promptly after consulting and getting instructions from the Principal/teacher in-charge.

 e. He/She should bring to the notice of the teachers day-to-day problems of students like fights, misunderstandings, injuries, damage to the school properties, missing articles, etc.

 f. Periodical meetings of leaders will be held under the guidance of the Principal.

13.  Discipline

       All the rules and regulations that are in force from time to time are binding upon all the pupils and parents. Ignorance of the existing rules and regulations will not be an excuse for the lack of compliance. The school expects every student to maintain a high standard of discipline inside as well as outside the class room. A special care must be taken by the teachers and students to preserve an atmosphere of silence during class hours, and must keep in mind the following points.

  a. Students shall reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell.

  b. Students shall be in proper school uniform.

  c. Students shall respectfully greet all the staff members and elders whenever they meet them either inside or outside the school.

  d. Students shall stand in attention position while talking to teachers and elders and not lounge with their hands in their pockets.

  e. While going to the morning assembly, P.T. classes or when changing class rooms, the students should go silently in single line without disturbing the neighbouring classes and should keep to the left of the corridors.

  f.  Students shall not leave the class rooms during any period without permission and class pass. They are prohibited from going out of the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal. Students shall not enter into other class without permission of the class teachers.

  g. Students shall not bring cell phones and similar electronic gadgets to the school, and if found violating, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied, and the gadgets will not be returned during the academic year. Students shall not defame the school or any staff member through the social sites. 

  h. Students are strictly forbidden to use motor vehicles during school working hours and in school uniform, and if found violating, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied and the gadgets will not be returned during the academic year.

  i.  Students should bring to the class all necessary test books and note books according to the time table. Books or Magazines other than syllabus shall not be brought to the class.

  j.  Students shall be regular in submitting their home assignments. Disciplinary action will be taken for failure in doing so. Projects prepared by outsiders are not accepted.

  k. Irregular attendance, truancy, insubordination to teachers, and authority's habitual neglect of studies, indifference to school work and obscenity in word or action are sufficient reasons for suspension of a pupil.

  l.  Any kind of damage caused to the school property must be compensated by the parent/guardian of the ward. The decision of the Principal regarding the compensation to be paid is final.

  m.Students shall keep the school premises and class rooms clean and shall not destroy plants or flowers or litter up the place. 

  n. Exchange of articles, gifts/money between students are strictly prohibited. 

  o. Collection for any purpose shall not be carried out by the students without the permission of the Principal.

  p. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is prohibited.

  q. Gifts to teachers in kind or cash is prohibited.

  r.  Students shall not bring valuable articles to the school like Gold, Silver, Wrist Watch, etc. and if found violating a fine of Rs.50/- will be levied. The school is not responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes and other articles.

  s.  Strict regularity, implicit obedience, politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct, and cleanliness of dress and person are mandatory.

  t.  Every student shall bring the hand book to the school daily, and is expected to handle it with care and keep it in a good condition throughout the academic year.

  u. Students shall speak only in English in the school premises.

  v. Smoking or use of any intoxicative article by a student is strictly prohibited in and outside the school premises. Those found violating this rule will be dismissed with immediate effect.

  w.Bringing of arms and weapons like knives, chains and fire arms to the school and ganging up with the students of one's own school or outsiders justify immediate dismissal.

  x. The students are not allowed to tattoo the visible parts of their body. At the time of admission the candidates will be checked for the same. The candidate may be denied admission if they are found bearing tattoos. A student can be dismissed from the school for violation of this rule.

14.   Scholarship

        In memory of Late Rev. Fr. Mathew Parackal, the manager of St. Mary's school, Management awards scholarship to ICSE & ISC Toppers.

15.    For the Kind Attention of Parents/Guardians

  1. Parents are requested to bear in mind that St. Mary's school gives great importance to create a sound character in the pupils. Therefore, the parents are expected to co-operate with the school by making their children understand that a well ordered and a disciplined way of life is as important at home as in the school.
  2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing discipline.
  3. Parents are expected to sign progress reports or any other similar documents when requested for. The failure to do so will put their children to great inconvenience.
  4. Parents are requested to keep an eye on the regularity and punctuality record.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to the uniform of their wards. Pupils who do not wear neat and proper uniform will not be admitted in the class and would be sent home.
  6. Parents are strictly forbidden to meet their wards or their teachers during the class hours.
  7. The Hand Book is a record of reference. We recommend that the parents check the hand book of their child regularly, and enforce regularity and discipline at home also. Kindly monitor whether the wards prepare their lessons and do the assigned home works. Remark made in the hand book should be checked and countersigned.
  8. Withdrawal of the wards from the school for mere social functions is not recommended, because it disturbs the child's progress in the school.
  9. Parent's failure to attend the meeting called by the Principal amounts to lack of co-operation, and defeats the whole aim of education. In such a situation the school authorities have no other option than to request the parents to withdraw the ward.
  10. If a student is ill for a long period the Principal must be informed through a leave letter as early as possible.
  11. A student shall not attend the school if he/she is infected by a contagious disease until the danger of infection has passed. Intimation to this effect must be given to the principal.
  12. If an absence due to illness lasts for more than three days, an application for leave must be made to the principal, accompanied by a registered doctor's certificate.
  13. Those who return to the school after absenting themselves without leave application is not permitted to enter the class without the permission of the principal.
  14. Parents are requested to report changes in the address or the telephone numbers to the school authority in writing in order to avoid inconvenience.
  15. Parents are welcome to visit the school and discuss the problems of their wards with the teachers on the day of parents teacher meeting and with the Principal on any day with prior appointment. However, they are not allowed to enter class rooms during the school hours.
  16. Parents are requested not to send their wards for private tuition.
  17. When students are taken on tours/picnics or excursions, utmost care will be taken by the school of their safety. However, the authorities take up no responsibility for any untoward incident which may take place on such occasions.
  18. Complaints, if any, should be made in writing and submitted to the Principal.
  19. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to take their wards home during the school hours, unless it is in the extremity of emergency.
  20. Parents/guardians of each student will be provided a parent/guardian identity card, which can be used as an entry card to enter the school campus. This card will have photographs of father/mother/guardian and the student. Parents or guardians are requested to bring this card whenever they come to the school for any matter concerning their wards, even for picking up of their wards at dispersal, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the school campus or meet their wards.
  21. Enrolment in St. Mary's school implies on the part of the student and his/ her parent, willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school, which will be revised from time to time.
  22. Parents are requested to send their wards to the school on all national festivals like Independence day, Republic day, etc. in order to instill patriotism in the children.